UNH Makers Exposition



Friday, Dec. 1, 2017

Granite State Room

UNH Memorial Union Building

11am - 6pm

Come see more than 40 vendors selling crafts, fine arts, food,
gifts, holiday decor, and one of a kind items!


Registration for the 2017 Makers Expo is now open!

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What is it?

The UNH Makers Expo is a fair to sell cool and creative stuff made by UNH students, staff and faculty. 2016 will be the inaugural year of bringing out the awesome talents hidden among us here on campus.

Who is eligible to participate?

All of the goods for sale need to be made predominantly by a UNH student, faculty or staff member. So if are a a currently enrolled student, or currently employed staff or faculty of UNH and you've been knitting mittens in your spare time, or making wind chimes, or sculpting garden gnomes out of tin cans, you are! If your friend, spouse, brother, neighbor does cool stuff and wants to have a booth or table, they can't, and  you can't rent a table for them. This is all about the talent of UNH people!

What kind of stuff will be for sale?

Sky's the limit! Its a "craft" fair, but  but don't feel boxed in by the word. That's why we called it the Makers Expo! We expect to find that our talented colleagues and students are making fine art, soaps, food, gadgets,doo dads, stuff and more!

Ceramic Pottery Display

Where can I get more information?

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