What services deliver to Granite Square Station? All delivery services (USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL) will deliver packages to GSS. Please be aware of their item transport policies:


For mobility impaired students we have some options for delivery that can be worked out in advance of your package arrival.  Please e-mail or call 862-MAIL (6247) to discuss these options with a lead staff person.

What if the delivery service says they won’t deliver to a P.O. Box? Granite Square Station is not a post office. All delivery services can deliver to GSS. If the delivery service insists on a street address, please use 83 Main Street for the street address, but be sure to also include the student’s full name and GSS address number so that we can deliver the package correctly.

Will GSS sign for incoming packages? Yes. All incoming packages are signed for by GSS staff. Packages are then logged into our system and delivered to the recipient.

Can I receive perishable items through my GSS mailbox? Yes. However, perishable items should be sent at your own risk. When we receive a perishable item, such as flowers or a food basket, an email is sent letting the student know they have a perrishable package ready to be picked up. The perishable item will sit on a shelf in the mailroom until the student is able to retrieve it. GSS is not able to preserve perishable items that require refrigeration.

How will I know when a package is waiting at GSS for me? All packages are logged in within 24 hours of arrival. We begin logging in items that do not fit in a mail box as soon as we receive them. An e-mail is sent to the recipient when we log the package in.  Please be aware that items that are shipped to Granite Square Station through an express service, such as Overnight Express, may be delayed by processing and are not always able to be delivered immediately.

How long will the GSS hold my package? 30 days after a package arrives it will be returned to the sender.

What happens to my packages that arrive over summer/winter break? Packages that arrive over break will be held at the student postal center. It is up to the student to contact the postal center to request that the package is forwarded.  Only USPS first class and priority packages are able to be forwarded, all other carriers do not provide a forwarding service

How do I pick up a package? After you receive an email from the GSS letting you know your package is ready for pick up, bring your student ID to the GSS Service Window. You MUST have your student ID to pick up your package!