Granite Square Station Address

Who has GSS address? All freshman and undergraduates up to the age of 24 who do not live in the Gables or Woodside Apartments are automatically assigned a GSS address in the Memorial Union Building (including those who live off-campus). If you are continuing on to Graduate School at UNH, you must e-mail a request to maintain your GSS mailbox number.

If I have not been assigned a address, can I get one? Any undergraduate or graduate student not automatically assigned an address may request one at the GSS Service Window or by sending us an email with the name and student ID number. 

New Students find your GSS Address assignment in Webcat

All students moving to Gables or Woodside Apartments will no longer have their GSS address.

If your mail or package is not addressed clearly and correctly, we may return it to the sender rather than risk delivering it to the wrong person. We ask that all senders include a complete return address on mail and packages.

For prompt mail and package deliveryaddress each item legibly as follows:


Full Name (include first, middle, and last name) 

83 Main Street

Student's individual address#  & Granite Square Station

Durham, NH 03824


Benjamin Paul Thompson

83 Main Street

1234 Granite Square Station

Durham, NH 03824