When is mail placed in my box? The US Postal Service (USPS) and UPS both make delivery to Granite Square Station around 10:00am each morning during the school year. FedEx and DHL make delivery throughout the day. Due to the large volume of mail and packages we receive, we cannot guarantee a time each day when mail will be ready for pick up. Your mail will usually be available to you by the end of the day it is received. Please be aware that items that are shipped to Granite Square Station through an express service, such as Overnight Express, may be delayed by processing and are not always able to be delivered immediately.

Students must have their student ID to receive their mail.  All students will continue to use their current GSS# on all mail and packages, your address will not change.

What happened to my mailbox? The GSS renovated over the summer to keep up with the ever changing times. The reason for the renovation was to make room for the 100,000+ packages we receive for students in one academic year. To make this room we took out physical mailboxes and now offer all students a space in our high density mail system. 

How will I get my mail? Students will receive an email when first class/priority or campus mail arrives for them. Bring your ID to the service window and the GSS staff will get your mail for you.

What happens to my mail when UNH is not in session? During the summer, all mail (this does not include packages) is automatically forwarded to the student’s permanent address. If you would like to continue to receive mail at your GSS address  during the summer, a request must be made at the Mailroom Service Window. During Winter Break, mail will continue to be delivered to the student’s GSS address. If you would like to have your mail forwarded to your permanent address during Winter Break, you must make a request at the Mailroom Service Window. During all other University breaks, mail will be delivered to the student’s GSS address.

How do I change where my mail is forwarded to? You can change your permanent forwarding address through the Registrar's Office.