Leadership Programs

The Office of Student Involvement & Leadership offers cutting edge leadership education, training, and development opportunities that endeavor to meet the needs and interests of all UNH students. Our goal is provide students with the opportunity to explore and develop their individual potential for leadership.

Leadership Training programs are one-time experiences that help leaders sharpen specific skills. Programs include Leadership Pursuit, Lessons in Leadership, Breakfast of Champions, Leadership Toolbox, and The Music Mentors Program.

Leadership Education programs are more in-depth than our Leadership Training programs.  Leadership Education focuses on self-exploration, developing and sharing visions, and the study of leadership theory.  Programs include Emerging Leaders, Leadership Camp, Transforming Leaders, and Read To Lead.

The Office of Student Involvement & Leadership also offers a dynamic Leadership Certificate Program that allows students to weave together leadership programs, community service,  multicultural programs, and other involvements, in order to create for a comprehensive leadership development path documented in an electronic Leadership Portfolio. Students in the Certificate Program are matched with a Coach (UNH faculty or staff member) to create a one-on-one mentoring relationship.