About Greek Life

The University of New Hampshire has a long and rich tradition with fraternities and sororities. The elements that the Greek experience provides to the individual member and to the University are unparalleled. High standards of scholarship, leadership, involvement on campus and philanthropies, and a strong sense of community are just a few of the reasons why the UNH Greek system is integral to getting the best out of your years here!

The Greek community has been active at the University of New Hampshire and its predecessors since 1881 with the founding of Q.T.V. fraternity at New Hampshire College of Agriculture and Mechanical Arts. Currently, UNH fraternity, sorority and society members represent just under 10% of the campus with over 1000 students as members in the seven recognized sororities, twelve recognized men's fraternities and one co-educational society.

2013 UNH Greeks of the Year

Greek Life